Possibility to order

Если вам нужна своя поза или анимация я готова помочь. Выполняю заказы для всех возможных применений и срочные .

If you need or want pose or animations I can halp you!
I am doing pose and animations for all possible applications. I am doing urgent orders too.

For your convenience, you have to make an order form(poses):

1. Number of pos.
2. Images (pictures, photos) desired poses.
3. Dates (this item for those who need to execute the order within a certain time).

Order form on animations:

1.Video that will be generated animation or a detailed description of the desired;
2. The purpose of creation (which will be created this animation);
3. Terms.

When you complete form send it to me in the comments to this topic or on the mail that is listed in the contacts.

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